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Joking Hazard™ is a real card game and better played with friends! You can buy it on Amazon or Target. is a virtual tabletop to help you experience the game for a limited time during quarantine, all rights to Joking Hazard LLC 2020.

Joking Hazard™ Rules

Start with 3 or more players, each player draws 7 cards.

Each round, one player is designated the judge. The judge first takes a card from the draw pile. If the card has a red border it's placed in Panel 3, otherwise the card is placed in Panel 1 or 2 and the judge fills the other slot with a card from their hand.

The other players place 1 or 2 cards into the Panel Submissions section to complete the comic.

The judge picks the best submission and gives the winner 1 card for score keeping, the rest of the cards are discarded.

Repeat rounds until some gets 3 points. Have fun!

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