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Score points round to round through different card combinations and preventing your opponent from playing in the classic 2 player game of Cribbage!

*There are slight rules variations for 3 player and 4 player games as seen at the bottom of this rules sheet.

Cribbage Rules



  1. Cribbage is played with a standard 52 card deck and a Cribbage board.
  2. Shuffle the deck. Normally for game of Cribbage, each player would cut the deck and reveal the bottom card of their deck and the player with the lower card would be dealer.
  3. For, it's easier to just shuffle the deck and have each player draw one card from the top and reveal, having the lower card player be the dealer. If cards are tied for rank (low to high: A-K), they draw again until one card is lower.
  4. Shuffle the deck once more and deal 6 cards to each player.
  5. Each player will play 2 cards from their hand of 6 facedown to "the crib". The cards in the crib will count for the dealer so its generally better for the dealer to play higher ranked cards to the crib and better for the non-dealer to play lower ranked cards to the crib.
  6. The crib is set aside face down and neither player look at it until the end of the round.
  7. Next, draw one card off the top of the deck and place it face up on the deck. This is the "starter card". If the starter card is a Jack of any suit, its considered "his heels". The dealer automatically scores 2 points for revealing "his heels" at the start of the round and will move their peg up 2 spaces on the Cribbage board.

Playing the Game



The first player to get 61 points (shorter game) or 121 points (longer game) is the winner!

*3 Player Rules Differences: Each player is dealt 5 cards instead of 6, still playing 1 card to the crib. 5 Card flushes are not possible because the crib will only consist of 3 cards so 4 Card flushes then become possible. "Go" is scored when 2 players are forced to say Go.

*4 Player Rules Differences: Opposite players are on teams. Each player is dealt 5 cards instead of 6, still playing 1 card to the crib. "Go" is scored when 3 players are forced to say Go. Games go to 121 points.

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