Announcing Premium Subscriptions

To our players and creators,

We're proud to be the host of so many game nights, learning sessions, and the many other ways you're all using our platform.

Today, we're announcing the next big step for premium subscriptions.

While playing and creating games will remain free, these new subscriptions add convenient and powerful features for players and hosts.

We've divided our offerings into two tiers. The first tier is targeted at small groups, giving them an ad-free experience and non-expiring rooms. The second tier is for situations that require more control over players in the room, with options to disallow editing the game, password-protecting or freezing the rooms, and creating many rooms at once.

About Us

This website is being developed by me, Rob Middleton, along with help from graphic designers, writers, and friends that have contributed over the years.

Computers caught my attention from an early age. I still remember playing around with programming for the first time and realizing how fast and powerful computers were. (even at 533 MHz) Later I thought, how great would be to extend that power to non-coders. HyperCard and spreadsheets were great but what else is possible? Today, it's my pleasure to be building, a system for developing card games without writing any code.

Photo of Rob

Let's talk about money.

What will the money be used for? Each month, this website costs about as much as my apartment rent to keep running. So first, revenue will go towards paying for hosting.

Next, revenue will go towards paying my living expenses. More money equals more time I can dedicate to further developing the platform.

Finally, if we can reach enough revenue (or maybe sooner if I'm feeling particularly ambitious) I'd like to hire additional developers to push the platform forward. I have a lot of exciting things planned for the future.

The Future

The current state of is just a fraction of what this platform can be, we're only scratching the surface. Long term, we will continue to make game development more powerful, make sharing easier, and all while keeping everything easy to use, or easier.

We'll also be introducing some ads into the game experience. Instead of having a persistent flashing ad beside the game, we decided a short popup ad a couple times each hour of play would be better. While the pop-up ads do interrupt the game, they don't happen very often, don't last very long, and show for all players at the same time.

We've been listening to your feedback about what you'd like to see added / changed. Here are a few things planned:

Thank You!

It's an honor to serve all of you.

Feel free to reach out anytime, I'm not able to respond to every email but I do read them all:

Have fun!

– Rob

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